The story of a photographer

I'm a journalist, a momma, and a documentary storyteller who wants to capture the most important moments of your life. I aim to authentically and beautifully represent your story, so that you can cherish those moments forever. 

With a background in photojournalism and video marketing, I feel equally comfortable claiming both as primary skillsets. But, my foremost strength is visual storytelling. Can I make beautiful images? Yes. But I hope that every single client cherishes the images I make for not only for their beauty, but for the memories. For the way a captured moment transports them back in time. For seeing them for who they are and telling their story in all its glorious imperfections. 

I can say with confidence that visual storytelling is what I was made for. I have had the privilege to document some amazing people, and I look forward to capturing your story, too.

More About Me

I find comfort in hot chocolate on a cold day, I like to get cozy under a myriad of blankets, and I stand firmly behind my stance that Forrest Gump is the best movie ever made. I will eat a large portion of cookie dough before baking it and I'd define myself as an escape-room-enthusiast. I love to explore new places, take in the beauty of vast landscapes, and visit historic sites. I love the Lord, adore my family and tolerate my two cats.


Yazmeen + Chris

“Chelsey was the best photographer I could have pictured for my wedding day. Her personality and kindness shown through her love for capturing life’s most precious moments. I have told many friends of mine who are engaged about her because of how natural and beautiful her photos are! If you did not come to my wedding, you would’ve felt as if you were there by looking at these pictures. I can’t ever stop looking at my pictures and would not change a thing! She’s an amazing photographer and it shows!”

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